Custom made by hand in Auckland, New Zealand from precious metals and gemstones. Worn over teeth, they are the ultimate jewellery statement in street, pop and hip hop cultures. Popularised by music legends, now YOU are getting them too. 


  Stg Silver 9kt Gold 18kt gold
One tooth $270 $380 $480
Two teeth $385 $650 $850
Three theeth $500 $920 $1,220
Four theeth $615 $1,190 $1,590
Six teeth $845 $1,730 $2,330
Eight teeth $1,075 $2,270 $3,070
Ten Teeth $1,305 $2,810 $3,810

Top or bottom jaw, full cap, flames, widow and many other designs. Includes 30min dental impression by appointment only. Gemstones to be quoted separately.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once we agree on a design and you accept the quote, we book a 30min dental impression appointment. To confirm said booking a 50% deposit is required. Your grillz will be ready two weeks after your initial appointment. When your grillz are ready I will get you in for a fitting and if your grillz pass the fit test then you pay the remainder. Payment methods include all credit cards, PayPal, direct credit, cash and Laybuy.

WHAT HAPPENS IN THE 30min DENTAL IMPRESSION APPOINTMENT? with the help of dental impression materials I will take a mould of your teeth to later cast a plaster copy of them, onto which I model your grillz. This process is key as it ensures a perfect fit.

WHAT IF I CANT MAKE IT IN PERSON? you are welcome to send me your plaster dental copies, make sure they are recent and professionally made. Please be aware that if I am not responsible for taking your dental impressions, I am unable to guarantee the fit of your grillz.

ARE GRILLZ PERMANENT? grillz are a jewellery accessory, not a permanent dental solution. You put them on, you take them off. I am a trained jeweller, not a dentist. I can model your grillz to enhance the natural shape of our teeth, work around gaps, hide broken or misshapen teeth but I do not work on your teeth. Denture glue can be applied to ensure the grillz stay on for longer periods of time if necessary.

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