Grillz are caps made from precious metals and gemstones worn over teeth, either on top, bottom, or both. They are the ultimate jewellery statement in street, pop and hip hop cultures and have been for years. Popularised by music legends, now YOU are getting started on the trend too. 

Get them in solid gold, dripping in diamonds or in luxurious mirror finish silver. So many possibilities; single teeth, half grillz, open grillz, windows, or open face. I can even gold plate silver for that extra-ness, without breaking the bank.

Maca Bernal fabricates personalised high quality Grills. All made by hand, in her Auckland jewellery studio, using the best quality NZ Silver or Gold and hand picked ethically sourced gemstones.

One single tooth, top or bottom, capped in Sterling Silver is $250.

(This includes the cost of taking the dental impression of your teeth that your grills will be moulded from) 

Each adjacent additional teeth in Stg Silver, in the same row is $100.

For example; Two adjacent teeth capped in Stg silver are $350, a full set of grillz; six frontal are $750 in Sterling Silver. 

Solid gold requires to be quoted on the day and 18k gold plating is available for an additional fee (from $75)

Customised designs, and stone incrusted grillz are available to Quote on request. Please fill out this form to get a mould appointment or a Quote