Terms and Conditions / Shipping

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

In accordance with NZ’s governmental Covid-19 guidelines, starting 4 April 2022, Maca Bernal’s jewellery tutoring services will serve all patrons independent of their vaccination status at her studio space (3B Keith Av. Remuera, Akl). 

These measures are being adopted for the safety of all partakers of tuition and or workshops at Maca Bernal’s studio, as well as in consideration of the wider community. For any tuition or workshops taking place outside of Maca Bernal’s studio space,  being held at other locations/institutions please refer to their vaccination policy. In any case, vaccinations are not mandatory and your vaccination status is private information. If you want to partake in tuition by Maca Bernal at her studio, please be prepared to observe all governmental safety recommendations, in accordance to the traffic light system. In the world-wide fight against Covid-19, vaccines are being the strongest deterrent to the escalation of this pandemic. Tuition in Maca Bernal’s studio takes place indoors, in a well-ventilated space, where social distancing is practiced and the use of masks is optional. Knowing that others sharing this space with you observe all safety recommendations grants everyone the sense of safety that allows for creativity.

Lifetime Guarantee & Repairs

All jewellery made by Maca Bernal is mindfully handmade and requires to be treated with care. If anything wrong happens, don’t worry! Manufacturing defaults, even when extremely rare, are covered by the manufacturing lifetime guarantee. 

For any accidental damage to the jewellery, repair services are offered for a cost. Please inquire by sending us an image of your damaged jewellery to maca@macabernaljewellery.com and we will endeavour to get back to you with good news.

Returns & Exchanges Policy 

When purchasing Maca Links, from a Gallery/Retail shop or on Maca’s website, you will receive a care card that explains in detail, how to care for you resin jewellery. Please follow the guidelines described in length, in the Customer Care Information section below.

Manufacturing defaults, even when extremely rare, will be covered at no cost. Otherwise all damage caused by the customer that may require repairs or replacements (R&R) can be made for an extra cost. To arrange and get a quote for R&R, email maca@macabernaljewellery.com with a photo and description, then you can deliver or post it to:

Maca Bernal 
3B Keith Av.
Auckland 1050
New Zealand 

Securely repackage your item please. We suggest you select tracked shipping or postage method. You are responsible for the product until it reaches us. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded unless the original item was incorrect or faulty.

All tickets to Workshops or Jewellery Making Tuition provided by Maca Bernal are non refundable, this includes frustrated contracts due to Covid-19. If you are unable to attend a class, contact Maca 24hrs ahead of time and she will endeavour to change your booking for any other class or workshop provided by her, as many times as necessary. If a person is incapable of attending a class or workshop, the non refundable amount paid, can be made valid for the equivalent in hand made jewellery or any other jewellery services by Maca Bernal, with no expiry date. Special considerations, for example in the case of grievance, can be made case to case, so please get in touch explaining your circumstances. Please note that transaction fees (PayPal, Laybuy, credit cards, debit etc) are non refundable and will be subtracted from the total to refund as well as shipping costs if needed be.


Delivery Policy

All our deliveries, nationwide and international are trackable and insured and we share the tracking code with the customer so they can follow their jewellery's  journey online. Shipping rates and times may vary depending on delivery chain interruptions due to Covid-19.

Shipping Prices (may vary)

For deliveries outside of New Zealand, we use NZ Post International Express Courier. For orders to

Australia $25

Asia $30

North America, Canada, UK & Europe $60

Rest of the world $60

When orders shipped internationally reach their destination country, they may be subject to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.

Depending on the destination you may have to pay additional taxes or import duties. Contact your local customs office for more information.

For New Zealand deliveries we use NZ Post Tracked, Non Rural. The most commonly used parcels are:

DLE, 130mm x 235mm x 70mm, $6.50

C5,165mm x 235mm x 70mm, $7

C4, 260mm x 325mm x 70mm, $8.50

For Rural add $1 to the total.

Timeframes. Countrywide shipping can take anywhere between 2 and 10 working days, depending on delivery chain disruptions due to Covid-19.

Customer Care Information  

In order to keep your Art Jewellery in top condition please follow these guidelines:

Do not overstretch your resin Links.

All Links are designed to slot into each other without the need to stretch them open. If too much force is placed on a resin Link it might snap at its weakest point. If a Link snaps don’t stress! Give Maca a holler and she will endeavour to make you a similar one that compliments your collection perfectly, restoring balance.

Be careful with exposure to excessive heat and light.

Just as the sun's rays can damage our skin, the sun can also damage resin and other organic materials in your jewellery. This does not typically happen while you are wearing them, but more so in the case if they are exposed to high temperatures or left sitting in the sun for extended periods of time.

Keep your jewellery away from chemicals.

Cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume and moisturiser, can contain chemicals that may damage your jewellery. Metals can become tarnished and resins can become soft, affected by these chemicals. Swimming pools that contain chlorine can also be damaging to your jewellery as can soaps and household cleaning products. We recommend removing your jewellery before they could be in contact with any of these substances.

Jewellery can be knocked or scratched in everyday situations and often these are pure accidents which are hard to avoid. But we advise you remove jewellery if you think that it may come into harm’s way. Sports, going out to concerts, dancing and other energetic activities can be high risk situations for your jewellery. The same applies if you are doing various everyday tasks such as gardening, cleaning the car or in other ways working with your hands. We also advise you take your jewellery off before sleeping, showering, swimming or taking a bath.

Always store your jewellery well.

Keep your jewellery separately in small sealable bags or in boxes. If your jewellery is able to rub against each other it can easily get tangled or damaged. Store in a cool, dry place that is not in direct sunlight.

Take care while traveling.

Everything is in motion when we travel so make sure you store each piece separately and securely so that it can't get crushed, tangled or rub against anything which may cause damage. Maca Links necklaces and bangles can be great travelling buddies as they are light, and non-metallic so they won’t make you beep through customs.

Cleaning tips and guidelines.

Whilst there are several jewellery-specific cleaning products such as polishing cloths, dips or baths, Maca recommends you wash your resin jewellery gently with warm water and mild soap. If none of this works for you, or to avoid damaging your jewellery any further, Maca’s best recommendation is to contact her directly so she can advise you on what course of action to take. Cleaning and polishing services (as well as other R&R) may inquire in a cost to the client. For enquiries send a photo to maca@macabernaljewellery.com

Regularly inspect your jewellery.

Maca recommends you inspect your jewellery before putting it on. It's a very good idea to rub your resin jewellery with a pinch of oil or petroleum jelly, every so often to restore their lustre. If you find something unusual, please email maca@macabernaljewellery.com so she can get any problems fixed straight away.

Keep an inventory of your own.

Jewellery can easily get misplaced or lost, and of course stolen. But don’t you worry! All jewellery that is hand made by Maca Bernal can be made again by the same hands, so if you keep an up to date inventory of your collection (a quick photo with your phone will suffice) this will help Maca make it for you again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maca Bernal do commissions or custom pieces?

Yes she does – see website or social media channels for examples. Email us with your concept at maca@macabernaljewellery.com

There's a Maca Bernal piece that I want, but it’s not on the website. Is it available?

It might be - sometimes the piece has sold but you can email and ask if a similar one can be made for you, or you could commission your own custom design inspired by that out-of-stock piece.

I’m buying a ring. How do I make sure it’s the right size?

You need to get your finger sized and let us know what size you are by emailing maca@macabernaljewellery.com. You can size your finger in millimetres wrapping a piece of wire loosely around your finger then measuring it; or you can enlist the help of a jeweller. 

What are the dimensions of the piece I want to buy?

We’re working on listing this information on our product pages, but if it’s not there yet, feel free to contact us and ask.

For any other inquiries email maca@macabernaljewellery.com