Engagement Ring Making Consultation - 1 hr

Engagement Ring Making Consultation - 1 hr

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Buy a one hr consultation session to discuss all things engagement rings with Maca Bernal jeweller.

Beginning to determine what your engagement ring will look like can be quite daunting. Let me help you wrap your head around what metal to use, what gemstones to set and most importantly let me guide you to design an engagement ring to suit the person who will be wearing it.

Depending on each individuals life style, activities, job or personality every engagement is unique and special. Receive from Maca the guidelines to a successful engagement ring design, and if you decide to continue with her towards the manufacturing of this ring, the price of this consultation will be deducted from the total price at the end.

Let's celebrate love!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME 

If your wish is to fabricate by hand the engagement ring of your dreams, wether you have a specific ring design in mind or want to explore with my guidance, I can guide you through the fabrication step by step. Depending on the difficulty of the design 6 or 10 sessions might be needed. 

Materials such as precious metals and gemstones are not included in this price but can be facilitated at market prices. This includes natural or man made diamonds. Unwanted jewellery can be up-cycled towards the new make.


Once purchased, Maca will be in touch to arrange date & times and initiate design consultation.