Delft Sand Casting Masterclass - 7 October 2023
Delft Sand Casting Masterclass - 7 October 2023
Delft Sand Casting Masterclass - 7 October 2023
Delft Sand Casting Masterclass - 7 October 2023

Delft Sand Casting Masterclass - 7 October 2023

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This one day Masterclass will take place October 7th 2023 from 9 to 4 pm, with a 30 min lunch break. The price includes 6.5 hrs of hands on learning plus a comprehensive material & tool kit to take home.

Come spend the day in my studio, immersed in a high-quality learning experience jam-packed with in-depth knowledge about the Delft Sand Casting Method.

During this intimate masterclass, I will offer hands-on learning to a small group of keen participants who wish to incorporate this method to their jewellery practice, taking home a customised tools and materials pack with everything necessary to continue this type of casting in their own time.**

Spaces are limited to 4 participants only.

You will learn the ins and outs of the Delft Sand Casting Method, in which we imprint forms into a two part mould filled with sand, then pour molten metal directly into that sand, casting incredible organic shapes unique to this method. Catch all the pearls of wisdom I will be dropping during this masterclass including how to cast stones in place.

The level of difficulty will be adapted to your abilities, no prior knowledge is necessary. (You will need a blow torch to continue this method in your studio)

What can I learn/make?

We will be covering the delft sand casting method from beginning to end. From learning to identify which jewellery pieces are suitable for this casting method, alloying your own metals to pouring into the sand and finishing the jewellery pieces made.

The expected outcome is more than one cast piece in Sterling Silver depending on size.

 All Materials and tools are included, the kit you take home includes:

  • 1kg of Delft Sand
  • 2 part custom aluminium mould*
  • 20 grams of Silver granules
  • 6 specialised tools
  • All inside a 30L. container with lid.

*Maca's Custom Aluminium moulds have been made specifically to meet the needs of this workshop. They feature a side entry that others in the market don't have and hey are not sold anywhere else! 

**If you wish to learn this casting method on a casual basis, but you have no interest in purchasing the masterclass that includes all materials and tools, please look into booking regular jewellery making classes where you can learn the method using the studio's casting equipment.

Once this Masterclass sells out more dates will be announced for Summer, so register your interest writing to